Power Factor Capacitors

“Dry Type, Cylindrical Aluminium Cased Capacitors”

PhaseCap capacitors in cylindrical aluminium cases have been designed for power factor correction in low-voltage applications.

Loads like motors and transformers consume active power as well as reactive power. Generators, supply cables and other electrical distribution equipment, in turn, should be relieved of reactive power.

The MKK (metalized plastic compact) AC series is intended to increase packing density per bank and cut component costs.

Improved thermal response and simplified installation are advantages of the cylindrical aluminium case.

  • Compact design in cylindrical aluminium can with stud
  • Concentric winding
  • MKK-technology with wavy cut and heavy edge
  • Voltage range 230 V … 800 V
  • Output range 5.0 kvar … 33 kvar
  • Electrical

  • Long life expectancy
  • High pulse current withstand capability
  • Mechanical and maintenance

  • Reduced mounting costs
  • Maintenance free
  • Highest packing density thanks to compact dimensions
  • Safety

  • Self-healing
  • Over pressure disconnector
  • Shock hazard protected terminals
  • Long term approved
  • cUL approval up to 690 V
  • Ceramic discharge resistor pre-mounted
  • Environmental

  • Dry-design, inert gas
  • No oil leakage

For more information on our Power Factor Capacitor range and technical information, download the Product Information Sheet.

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