Grid Analysis Tool

Grid Analysis Tool MC7000 – 3

Three Phase Measuring – Easy Evaluation of data – 1 GB memory card included

This measuring device has been developed for three phase measuring, display and storage of electric parameters in low-voltage grids. The Windows based software (included) allows a fast and comfortable evaluation of measured data.

Based on the findings of this evaluation the optimum design for a tailor made Power Factor Correction (PFC) solution or the inspection of an existing one is easily performed.

You can purchase this from Pinnaculum Energy Technologies or we can do recordings for you with one of our Grid Analysis Tools. Get hold of one of the Pinnaculum Team for more information.

  • Measuring display and storage of numerous parameters
  • Voltage (3-phase)
  • Current (3-phase)
  • Frequency (3-phase)
  • Active Power (3-phase)
  • Reactive Power (3-phase)
  • Apparent power (3-phase)
  • Power factor (3-phase)
  • Active, reactive, apparent energy
  • Voltage harmonics (up to 51st)
  • Harmonics of current (up to 51st)
  • TDH-V (3-phase)
  • THD-I (3-phase)
  • Comfortable programming of recording interval and duration via timers
  • Display and internal storage of maximum values with time stamp
  • Display of harmonics, bar diagram available
  • Illuminated 128 X 64 graphic display, with a large number of configuration options e.g. rotating display, font size
  • SD memory card slot
  • Export to Excel format for easy processing and reporting
  • Lightweight suitcase included for easy transportation.

Software Included (Windows based)

  • Administration of several projects possible
  • Graphical Display
  • Several pre-configured graphical display options of standard values
  • Display of selected grid values
  • Easy editing of parameters and time interval
  • Display as line graph or bar diagram
  • Mathematical evaluation of measured values
  • Automatic calculation of Kvar (target-cos- ϕ set up by user)
  • Evaluation of measured harmonics and recommendation of detuning factor of PFC system of calculated size
  • Influence of the detuning on the harmonics for the calculated detuning factor and system size

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