“Especially Designed For Damping Of Inrush Current In LV PFC (Low-voltage Power Factor Correction) Systems”

Excellent damping of inrush current; improved power quality supply; reduction of voltage sags; increased mean operating life expectancy.


“Impregnated, Dry Type, Cylindrical Aluminium Cased Capacitors”

High over-current loading up to 1.6 x IR; high inrush current withstand capability due to “wave cut” and heavy edge; reduction of component costs; 50% reduction of mounting & connection time; long life expectancy; upright / horizontal mounting position, maintenance-free.

Power Factor Capacitor 25KVar

Intelligent – User Friendly- Cost Effective

Controllers for Power Factor Correction (PFC) are of major importance in the PFC system. They measure the actual power factor and connect or disconnect capacitor stages to achieve a specific desired value (cos ϕ).


Three Phase Measuring – Easy Evaluation of data – Memory card included

This measuring device has been developed for three phase measuring, display and storage of electric parameters in low-voltage grids. The Windows based software (included) allows a fast and comfortable evaluation of the measured data.


High harmonic loading capability; very low losses; high linearity to avoid “choke tilt”; low noise; convenient mounting; long operating life expectancy; temperature protection (NC contact).
Applications include – avoiding of resonance conditions; tuned and detuned harmonic filters; reduction of harmonic distortion (network clearing); reduction of power losses.


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