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Pinnaculum Energy Technologies provides specialised Energy Management Solutions to industry. With innovation at our core, we pride ourselves on combining cutting edge, high quality products, with years of specialist, dedicated expertise.

We not only provide turnkey energy management projects but also offer technical service, providing solutions that assist energy and utility users to collect reliable, accurate data on usage, allowing better decision making, optimisation of power usage and cost reductions or savings.

The energy industry is becoming increasingly complex; there is an increased demand for energy and power quality, the cost of energy is rising worldwide and there is an ever growing need to become more environmentally aware.

In this changing industry it can be difficult for decision makers to locate and compare the right solution for their needs.

What we offer

Pinnaculum Energy Technologies can help. Our team of specialists will assist you to find the best solution for your needs, we bring to the market:

  • Power quality improvement, using extensive experience in power factor
  • Smart metering, combining cutting-edge technology with expert skills to measure    present usage.
  • Provide on-going monitoring, measurement and verification.
  • Implementing cutting edge technology, through either traditional means, such as power factor or through the use of renewables to increase efficiency and drive down costs.
  • Expert Reports and consultancy, providing advice on where and how improvements can be made.
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